The Concept

Blaze Signs approached us with the concept of producing large celebrity outlines connected to Wembley Stadium. The notion consisted of extremely large icons for the stadium’s Pink Parking décor, with Freddie Mercury standing at approximately 8 metres tall! We were given the task of providing the LED layout plans, breaking down the icons into manageable sections from the most basic of artwork. The LED’s in each section had to be designed to provide an even luminance throughout the entire icon, with each section powered by its own power supply.

The Design

Artwork was provided by Blaze Signs, then manipulated by our very own LED estimating team taking approximately 12 hours of editing time, resulting in some magnificent pink outlines as seen here on the award winning Pink Parking at the SSE Arena, Wembley. Each outline uses a double line of bright white Lucoled LED’s illuminated through a pink diffuser to create stunning images, with all LED’s and power supplies proudly supplied by Vink Lighting Solutions.

The Results

Here is a great example of how from little acorns the mighty oaks do grow.